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subtribe is an unknown quantity at this point
Россия Subtribe Records Brand New Artist - TONY AWAKE

We are happy to introduce our new buddy from Estonia.
He had a great work with trance and house music industry.
So, Subtribe Records proudly presents new artist - Tony Awake.

Anton Gorlanov (Tony Awake)

"There is nothing in this world more beautiful, comprehensive and amazing, than music.
Music contains enough energy to form our soul, control our feelings and emotions". Tony Awake

Tony Awake was born August 2, 1985 in Tallinn. He was totally infatuated by music from early childhood. Many things changed in 1998, there appeared an opportunity to write music, believe that someday experience will come and it would be possible to share emotions with other people through melody. Today Tony writes music in many different styles, does it with great success by combining sound with quality and creating something new. "I still can’t devote myself to just one music style – every style has its own meaning, you only have to use it appropriately".

Tony’s sound is inspired mainly by BT (Brian Wayne Transeau). He believes that BT is one of the artists that can rightfully, beautifully and sophisticatedly convey all emotions and show us how important it is to have a musical education, not to be obsessed with anything, be yourself and respect the concept of music. Some other artists and groups also played an important role in Tony’s life, for instance: Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, ATB, Junkie XL, Crystal Method, and some other rock band and punks. So, Tony’s tracks are a refined mixture of different alternative music.

Tony Awake is famous for his works "Flashback" (trance), "Inside of Air" (progressive trance), "Stay Awake" (banging prog house), "Before Thunder" (chill out instrumental) "Deep Soul" (soulful house)", "Ithaka Maria - A little wicked" (Tony Awake remix), (Pop Breaks). His tracks are supported by many Russian and foreign producers, such as DJ FEEL (, Kuffdam (, Paolo Insomnia, (, Gene (Mauro Genitrini), Rance (Rance Smith), Dynamic Emotion (, Suzy Solar, Flavio Grifo and much more.

Also, Tony makes remixes for different artists.
He has written lots of remixes for Estonian pop-singer Ithaka Maria. One of those tracks hit Power Hit FM Top 20, which is not an easy task for the young producer.

Soon you’ll be able to get acquainted with Tony’s new album "Tony Awake - Grey Sky EP",
coming November 2, 2009 on Subtribe Records

2nd of November, 2009

This album is a vivid mixture of Tony’s very own style. Grey Sky EP includes all best loved tracks from the artist, a couple of works with female vocalist Gracie, who introduced some specified sense to the music.

You can listen 2 tracks from this album for free. Subtribe Records gives you this opportunity.

Tony Awake - Feelings / breaks
Tony Awake - Paper with Numbers / dubstep


"Vocals makes producing easier, but also distracts our attention. In this album I wanted to tell something about my feelings and thoughts, so, thanks to Gracie, who fully understood me and gave her support while working on "Grey Sky" and "Feelings".", - tells Tony. Also included: remixes on tracks from Quadrat Beat, Guerilla, Arabica, Torqux and Duane Barry.

For all information:

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